NeverKink Best Garden Hose: A Heavy Duty Water Hose Perfect for Your Garden Project (My Review)


Why NeverKink is The Best Garden Hose for Any Garden ProjectBest Garden Hose 

NeveKink is  better than another hose in the market, because of its unique built design that:

  1. That Never Kinks your not going to see your hose bursting.
  2. Tangle Free  due to new flexible materials which does not allow the hose to kink.

The patented Reflex Mesh technology utilizes a mesh network of reinforcement so kinks, twists and tangles don’t have a chance to get started.

If your looking for a Best Garden Hose That Can be a perfect Match for your Garden Projects 

Then NeverKink is your answer

  • Industrial grade, it’s not only leak proof but also crush proof perfect for any garden project. Neverkink water hose are ultra-flexible for easy handling and maneuverability.
  • With industry leading quality Neverkink hoses are weather flexible to 45F (7.2C).

 Its  NeverKinks  CBest rated garden hoseompact Desing That Makes it the Best Water Hose

It can stretch up to 75ft (22.86m) making it perfect to washing your car or just watering your plants its superb for everyday life.

Best of All: Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed!NeverKink guarantee

NeverKink promises 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

The only way they are able to offer a guarantee like that, is because it works!

Comparasin Of Neverkink To Other Garden Hose.

Like I have stated on my About Me Page I have used many different hoses. From Expensive top of the line to very cheaps.

However I just could not find the right one that I could use daily. I looked through different features that the hose provide but they were not great.  When I found Neverkink I knew it was the perfect

When I found Neverkink I knew it was the perfect hose beacuse the features that it provided werent even close to its nearest competitor. Below I have a chart that compares NeveKink and couple of other Hoses.

 NeverKinkGilmour Farm & Ranch HoseCamco 22853 Water HoseSmartFlex Garden Hose
Light weigh2.44 pounds11.8 pounds 6 pounds12.95 pounds
Kink Free Kink Free Kink Free Not Kink Free Not Kink Free
Warranty 100% Money Back
No warranty included Limited 1 Year WarrantyNo warranty included
All Weather Flexibility All Weather Flexible All Weather FlexibleNot Weather Flexible Not Weather Flexible

As you can see from the graph NeverKink has the best features. From warranty to being all-weather friendly. Nevekink is all round a great water hose. I use it on a daily basis and I really have no problems with it.

What Others Are Saying About NeverKink Water Hose…

For years I thought, a hose is a hose, and I bought the cheapest ones available. The cheap ones gave me a lot more aggravation than what they were worth in savings.So the next hoses I bought came with good warranties. After needing to make use of those warranties a couple of times, I was back to square one.A couple of weeks ago I bought the NeverKink 25 foot hose which turned out to be a good, decent hose. Does it never kink? Practically never, which was a lot better than the one I was using which should have been named, “AlwaysKink.”Because of my complete satisfaction with the 25 foot, I bought this 50 foot one by NeverKink and it’s great.It’s even more heavy duty than the 25 foot one. When it says, “Commercial Duty,” that’s not just buzz word advertising. (I have bought hoses in the past that were labeled “commercial grade” simply as an excuse to inflate the price.)I’ve had several bad experiences with hoses made by various companies. Finally, I found a brand that I can trust, one that exceeds expectations.Can you find a good hose at a cheaper price? I don’t know. I’ve tried for years and it hasn’t happened.Can you find a better hose at this price? I highly doubt it.Will you regret buying a hose from NeverKink? The odds are highly unlikely.NeverKink puts out a good quality product at what appears to be a decent price.The way I’m praising NeverKink, you might think my family owns the company or something. Not so. It’s just that after years and years of frustration with hoses that that kink or soon break, I’m really happy to have all that frustration behind me.  Carter

I discovered this hose on Amazon a few years back and bought one. It instantly became my favorite hose for three reasons: (1) It fastens easily and tightly to the hose bib so there’s no water leakage; (2) it doesn’t kink up when using; and (3) it winds up nice and neat. I’ve already bought four more (50-ft and 100-ft). When the gardener offered to bring us a hose or two, I told him, “No thanks. I’ve got this one” – and went to Amazon to buy this hose Malt

Excellent hose, It never kinks. Never. It has an excellent, very heavy-duty faucet connector. It’s black, so I wonder how it will hold-up in Hawaiian heavy UV sun. Every hose I’ve ever had breaks down from the sun in two years, so that’s the only issue left to wonder. My gut tells me this hose will last much longer due to its multiple layers. Everything about this hose is top-notch, the best I’ve ever found! Wikiki

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How I Tested Neverkink Kink Free Abilities

There were  way to many times that I would read a label on a product but it does not deliver what it promises. So, I decided to run my own test to see if NeverKink is truly a kink free hose.

FIrst: I coiled the hose to see if it kinks. It was flexible and it looped with ease!

Image result for coiled garden hose


Second: I read a blog on that said another way to check for  kink resistance was to bend the hose to a 90-degree angle,

Nevekink had a little bit of resistance that means it’s made out of heavier material (but it is still very light) and it will hold up much longer.

Image result for bent hose

Final Verdict: Is NeverKink Water Hose Worth It? 

Answer: Yes!

Bottom line: With the amazing high-quality material NeverKink is a perfect hose for your busy everyday life. With industry leading feature such as

  • Guarantee Not to Kink or Tangle
  • Power Coil Fitting and Collar Prevents Kinking and Leaking at Faucet
  • Contain no Microshield to Prevent Mold and Mildew on Hose
  • Remain Flexible Down to 45 degrees

Image result for 4.5 stars png


Final Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars